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A Message From Women2Women

Women are the major decision makers in many family households in America today.  Whether they are single, a partner in a two-parent family, or a single mother, most women manage the family budget and make important decisions about healthcare, education, and basic household shopping.  These women are fiscally conservative and strong leaders, and share many of our core Republican values.

Yet, Republicans struggle to gain the confidence of these strong-minded women and earn their votes. In fact, just look across the aisle. The number of Democrat women Congress members outnumber Republican women Congress members nearly 3 to 1. Our Women2Women PAC is focused on changing that, and this is where I need your help.

The recent GA-06 race is a great example of how we can make a difference. Rep. Karen Handel was the first female candidate that Women2Women PAC supported. We supported her, contributed to her, and she won! Now we want to do more, but, to do so, we need to grow our Women2Women PAC resources. Can you help us?

The Women2Women PAC has a simple mission; keep our Republican Congresswomen in office and to help new Republican female candidates push over the top and win their elections.  The Women2Women PAC solely focuses on defending and electing strong, viable Republican female candidates. We need more women in Congress with strong Republican values to help drive the debate on the most important issues facing our nation.
The Women2Women PAC is here to help these qualified women overcome funding challenges and find success. Of the funds raised by our PAC, 100% goes to directly support our Women2Women incumbents and candidates.

Thank you in advance for supporting the Women2Women PAC.


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The Women2Women PAC supported its first candidate in early 2017 in a race that saw record setting outside spending. In that race, Karen Handel was able beat back fierce Democratic opposition and keep the seat in Republican hands.  Her success is a testament to what we can achieve when Republican women candidates receive the support and fundraising infrastructure that any candidate needs to win.  Help us build on this success and extend our network to support more Republican women. Our women can’t do this without your help!




Young Kim is a dedicated public servant who has long worked to represent families in the 39th district and the greater Orange County community.  She has been a small business owner, Congressional staffer, State Assemblywoman and will make a great representative for California 39. Learn more about Young here and donate to Women2Women to support her effort!


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