Our Mission

The Women2Women PAC has a simple mission: to keep our Republican Congresswomen in office and to help new Republican female candidates push over the top and win their elections.

In addition to protecting our current members, the Women2Women PAC is committed to engaging women with Republican values and encouraging them to participate in political discourse and run for office. By directly engaging American women on the issues important to them, we can empower more women to run for office.

Despite a field of women who are qualified and capable, female Republican candidates struggle to win elections. Women2Women is here to change that. There is a significant lack of fundraising infrastructure dedicated to our Republican female candidates. The W2W PAC is here to help qualified women candidates overcome funding challenges and success.

Our Values

Main Street does not evaluate its members on a single issue. We endorse members and candidates who possess values that reflect a commitment to public service and pragmatism. Our members believe in:

Fiscal Responsibility
Promoting Small Business
Equal Opportunity
Strong National Defense


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